Friday Favorites 1.

I've always wanted to dive deeper into blogging, simply because it's a fun creative outlet for me, but I often only write when inspired. So I've decided to hop on the Friday Favorites bandwagon, to stretch myself, to share more than just the inspired words, and to give you a peek into my life beyond motherhood and writing! 

What better way to celebrate another week than to list and share a few of my favorite things! I'll share some favorite moments, favorite goods, and even a few favorite foods here and there! 

1. So first on this list of favorites is SPRING! While some of the country still deals with snow, we are blessed in Texas to experience the warmth of the sun. My girls have played in the sand everyday, driven their gator, and rode their bikes, while I've soaked up plenty of Vitamin D! Our yard is starting to come together, and Spring decor just lifts my spirit! These tulip pictures were taken a week ago, at Texas Tulips in Pilot Point. It was an adventure to say the least (ie. better for a date than with toddlers!), but the pictures sure are worth it!





2. I have a thing for nice pens, markers, strollers, and BAGS. All the bags. It's slightly a problem! With another baby on the way, I have been looking for a lightweight diaper bag to just throw on and go. I've had the same Petunia Picklebottom for three years, and it still looks amazing and has plenty of room, but given the material, it can get a little heavy. So I decided to buy this skip hop bag. It's lightweight, cute, and the reviews are awesome! Plus, for less than $40, it's perfect! 




3. Another item I've quickly learned to love has been my new point and shoot camera. As a photographer I know it almost seems backwards to get a point-n-shoot, and with so many mirrorless DSLRs on the market it doesn't quite make sense, until you begin to check prices. Truth is, like every average person, I use my phone A LOT for photos, but they get lost on my phone. Whereas, my camera photos are always imported and edited (mostly lol). I have also found how easy of a rabbit hole the phone is...even if I just take a few pictures. There's the pressure to upload as it happens, choose the perfect caption, and get distracted from those I love most. But with a point-n-shoot, it takes a little more time. For me, I import, weed out my least favorites, edit, and then post. This is all usually done on my own time, while the babies are asleep. Which means a more present mama with her little ones. I have been looking into cameras for a while now and settled on this Sony Cybershot because of the features- a digital viewfinder (LOVE!), a flip up screen for selfies with my girls, the sharpness, the options, size, and price! This one fit the bill for wayyyyyy less than other cameras, without sacrificing quality! I'm looking forward to the freedom from my phone this gives me, as well as the room it adds to my diaper bag! 




4. These hydrangeas have given me so much joy every time I've stepped outside! We planted these three weeks ago and they've already grown so much! Our flowerbeds mainly sit in the shade and it's taken some time for me to find plants that I wanted to plant in each bed. I knew I wanted perennials that encouraged butterflies and bees. So we planted hydrangeas with our scarlett sage, gardenias, and I'm starting some ivy trellises this weekend! Perfectly southern! In our sunny bed, we planted pink jasmine and lantana among our knock-out roses. As summer comes, I'll add a few annuals to beef up the color! Just getting my hands in the dirt was therapy! 





5. This photo is my favorite of the week. Everything I love most in the world standing beneath the most beautiful display of God's promises. There is nothing sweeter! 




I pray you all have a wonderful weekend! Come back next week for more reflections, favorites, and photos! Happy Spring!