A Mother Becoming

Today, you are mama-to-be. At the start of your journey. A simple test changes your life forever, or the long-awaited call finally comes in. Your body will be stretched. Your heart will ache for the one you have yet to hold. You will tour hospitals or climb mountains of papers. And just when you think you can't bear it anymore. The body will bring forth life. Beautiful, sacred, life.

And you, will be their mama. Through those first years, you, mama, will be the source of everything they need. Now it is the sacrifice of your heart and soul to nurture them. Your body will admit defeat. Long nights turn into early mornings. Exhaustion overwhelms, and you'll long to feel like you again... yet, mama, you continue to give and pour into that sacred life day after day. 

Towards the end of the first year, they will look to you and say "Mama", your favorite name, their word for everything... because to them- You Are Everything.

As they transitions from baby to little girl or boy, your name changes again. Mama means everything, yet they are growing more independent everyday. They can hold the spoon, put on their own clothes, and have even mastered potty-training. Soon, they'll be walking the halls of school alone. Simply waving before they enter the doors, as you look on longing for your home to be full again.

They needs less of you. And so, they call you mommy. Mommy brings comfort. Mommy cares. Mommy is always there.

In the midst of their independence they will fall and fail. They will get bruised and cry out for help- Mommy.

This is where you nurture, comfort, and encourage their soul. The truths and love you speak now they believe and carry their whole life. And from those words, they will bloom.

Mommy. Mommy cares. Mommy loves. Mommy is always there.

Eventually, your name will change again. A child too preoccupied with growing up, friends, and extracurriculars, will be too old for their everything mama and too independent for their caring mommy. 

So they will shorten your name to mom. Perhaps shortening your role in their life. Or maybe, your shortened name will be a reminder of the short time you have left before they go.

There will be arguments. You'll wonder if they've retained or even care about the things you've poured into them. You'll start to believe you don't matter anymore. But never believe you have failed. 

This is a season of battles, your heart will feel torn, your spirit almost crushed... but don't look beyond the battles. For in the midst of the battles, mom is the reminder of everything that young warrior longs to be. Stand tall, Mom. Keep refining, Mom. They will come home, Mom.

Perhaps you will have opened your door to strangers, with eyes and hearts longing for a place to belong. And so you will be mom.

Mom simply means home. Mom means a single constant in an adolescent's world of chaos. Mom gives refreshment and life to her child overwhelmed with this stage of life. Mom means there is always someone to return to. 

Perhaps, you have never known the name mama, mommy, mom, or mother, yet your heart holds the love of a mother. Whether you are an aunt, a guardian, or friend, your role has been much greater than you ever imagined. You are a portrait of grace and hope for the women longing for life in their womb. You are a source of strength, a wellspring of joy, and a place of rest for the lives God has entrusted to your care. And to a special soul, you are a cherished figure of a mother.

In what seems like a flash, there you will sit. Your shining silver hairs will gleam in the sun, a vision of the brilliant crown awaiting you in glory. Your name longer, much like the life you've lived. Your days simple. Your home awaiting the next visit. And your heart longing for the mama, mommy, and mom you were yesterday. 

You won't hear your name as often as you used to, and many of your updates come by phone. But you will sit waiting, longing to hear your child's voice again. And when they call, they'll say, "Hello Mother!" Mother- meaning faithful, wise, grace-filled, kind, love.

On this journey of motherhood, your task has been much more than raising children. Your greatest task has been to personify these words... always pointing back to Jesus.

You brought forth life, and gave them your everything. - Mama

You nurtured hearts, planting seeds of the gospel. In the midst of comforting you introduced the Great Comforter. -Mommy

You stood tall, unrelenting, unwavering, a constant home. In the midst of battle after battle, you revealed Unconditional Love. - Mom

And there you will you sit. Your simple days will be spent praying and reading. Faithful. Wise. The legacy you'll leave behind will be stamped with the gospel at every twist and turn. And your children will call you blessed. - Mother