I recently turned 26, and I don't know what it is about this number that has encouraged me to really step back and reflect on each choice. Maybe it's because I'm another year closer to 30, or the fact that I have two children, or that I feel completely settled. But either way, from choosing another oreo to buying a new shirt, to reflecting on what I actually like in our home, to the way I interact with those around me, I keep feeling this draw in my heart to simply reflect. To pull back. To sit still. To purge. To create. To write. I've blogged in spurts for sometime now, some days I remember to actually blog on my old site, other days I use Facebook or Instagram. But it's time for me to create a designated spot for reflection. It's time to see where this love of writing will take me. I know I may not have more than five faithful followers, outside my mom. But I also know that God has given me a love for writing. I know that He doesn't just put reflections and blogs in my mind to sit there. And even if I just have five faithful followers, I hope that some of these words of mine make a difference in their life.

I'll be honest, God is working on my heart right now. He is bringing my back to base. Challenging me to simplify my life. Calling me to choose Him everyday. And in His work on my life, He is encouraging me to share. To be authentic. To create a community. To be vulnerable with the world. So that's what this blog will be. It will be a collection of the choices I make on this journey as a believer, wife, mother, photographer, writer, dreamer, and forever student.

In this space, I choose: authenticity, honesty, simplicity, generosity, community. I choose to be intentional. To be present. To be still. To listen. To reflect. To share.

Some posts may be fun and funny, others may be hard and deep, and others may just feel like a journal entry. But either way, I hope you come along for the ride. I hope you hold me accountable to my dreams, and share in my joys and sorrows. I hope you are challenged and encouraged. I hope you laugh, and I even hope my words move you to tears. Above all, I hope that through my limited skills, you are reminded of or introduced to a Savior who loves you and longs to know you intimately. What do you choose today?


...Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve... But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.

Joshua 24: 15