Changing Seasons.

Today, she climbed out of her crib, ran into our bedroom, and said "HIIIIII!!!!". She tells me when she's gone potty so I can change her diaper. And almost everything must be done by herself, until she needs my help.

Her sister scoots forward, trying to crawl. She doesn't rely on me as much for nourishment. And each new day brings about new skills, noises, and physical changes.

There is nothing like children to remind you how fleeting time is. It passes by in an instant. There are no do-overs. Each day brings new challenges, joys, and sorrows. And in the midst of all of this, I am reminded how beautiful of a gift we are given with time.

With time, a bond between sisters is born. With time, a husband and wife become a unit. With time, a house becomes a home. With time, grandparents sit back and watch their children seek to do just as they did. With time, places are traveled and memories are made. With time, life is celebrated. And that is why, each season, we choose to celebrate the gifts time brings.

Fall is perhaps my favorite season to celebrate. The colors, the pumpkins, the chili, the football games, the holidays, the fires, the desserts, the flowers, the clothes, all of it brings joy to my heart. This year, like every year, we celebrated by getting outside, and taking in the beauty of the season. A pumpkin patch with animals, a corn maze, playgrounds, and room to run was the perfect place to celebrate the season and our sweet time as a family. Star ran around, looking at each pumpkin with such wonder. Lettie contently watched as I held her close. And my wonderful J, spent the entire evening pouring into his girls the very best he could give.

This season of life is so sweet, but I have a feeling, each new season brings it's own sweet nectar enriching this life to it's fullest.